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A journal covering economic and financial market issues. The predecessor to the Economic Policy Review, the Quarterly Review was published from 1976 to 1994.
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1987 Articles
Volume 12, Number 1 Spring

A Perspective on the Globalization of Financial Markets
and Institutions
PDF9 pages / 896 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan

The Growth of the Financial Guarantee MarketPDF19 pages / 1,879 kb
Beverly Hirtle

The Household Demand for Money: Estimates from
Cross-sectional Data
PDF6 pages / 612 kb
Lawrence J. Radecki and Cecily C. Garver

Monetary Policy and Open Market Operations During 1986PDF22 pages / 2,176 kb
Peter D. Sternlight

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations
February-April 1987PDF7 pages / 606 kb
Sam Y. Cross
November 1986-January 1987
PDF7 page / 599 kb
Sam Y. Cross
Volume 12, Number 2 Summer

A Framework for Reform of the Financial SystemPDF8 pages / 811 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan

The Pricing and Hedging of Market Index DepositsPDF12 pages / 1,135 kb
Stephen R. King and Eli M. Remolona

Exploring the Effects of Capital Movements on M1
and the Economy
PDF11 pages / 1,090 kb
John Wenninger and Thomas Klitgaard

Financial Consequences of New Asian SurplusesPDF13 pages / 1,319 kb
Rama Seth and Robert N. McCauley

Japan's Growth Performance over the Last DecadePDF11 pages / 1,136 kb
Bruce Kasman

Volume 12, Number 3 Autumn

Capital Requirements of Commercial and Investment Banks: Contrasts in RegulationPDF10 pages / 1,091 kb
Gary Haberman

The Economics of SecuritizationPDF13 pages / 1,402 kb
Christine Cumming

Eurocommercial Paper and U.S. Commercial Paper: Converging Money Markets?PDF12 pages / 1,154 kb
Robert N. McCauley and Lauren A. Hargraves

Current Labor Market Trends and InflationPDF13 pages / 1,074 kb
Richard Cantor and John Wenninger

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations May-July 1987PDF6 pages / 476 kb
Sam Y. Cross
Volume 12, Number 4 Winter

International Economic Prospects: A Case Study
in Mutuality
PDF5 pages / 506 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan

Large-Dollar Payment Flows from New YorkPDF8 pages / 698 kb
Financial Structure of the G-10 Countries: How Does
the United States Compare?
PDF12 pages / 1,318 kb
Christine M. Cumming and Lawrence M. Sweet
The Risk-based Capital Agreement: A Further Step
towards Policy Convergence
PDF9 pages / 1,068 kb
Jeffrey Bardos
Converging Household Debt Ratios of Four Industrial CountriesPDF13 pages / 1,290 kb
Dorothy B. Christelow
Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations
August-October 1987PDF6 pages / 470 kb
Sam Y. Cross
November 1987-January 1988
PDF6 page / 533 kb
Sam Y. Cross
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