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A journal covering economic and financial market issues. The predecessor to the Economic Policy Review, the Quarterly Review was published from 1976 to 1994.
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1989 Articles
Volume 14, Number 1 Winter-Spring
(combined with Volume 13, Number 4)

Studies on U.S. External Imbalances

Introduction and SummaryPDF3 pages / 56 kb
Economic Consequences of Continued U.S. External
PDF12 pages / 227 kb
Charles Pigott
External Adjustment and U.S. Macroeconomic
PDF17 pages / 346 kb
Janet Ceglowski and Bruce Kasman
Financial Implications of the U.S. External Deficit
PDF19 pages / 382 kb
Juann Hung, Charles Pigott, and Anthony Rodrigues
Capacity Constraints and the Prospects for External
Adjustment and Economic Growth: 1989-90

PDF17 pages / 292 kb
R. Spence Hilton
The Performance of the U.S. Capital Goods Industry:
Implications for Trade Adjustment
PDF14 pages / 267 kb
James Orr
Monetary Policy and Open Market Operations during 1988PDF20 pages / 395 kb
Peter D. Sternlight
Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations November 1988-January 1989PDF5 pages / 126 kb
Sam Y. Cross
Volume 14, Number 2 Summer

Legislative PrioritiesPDF6 pages / 509 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan

Explaining International Differences in the Cost of CapitalPDF22 pages / 1,771 kb
Robert N. McCauley and Steven A. Zimmer

Distributional Issues in PrivatizationPDF15 pages / 1,062 kb
Rama Seth

Union Concessions in the 1980sPDF15 pages / 1,168 kb
Linda A. Bell

Interest Rates, Household Cash Flow, and Consumer ExpendituresPDF9 pages / 689 kb
Richard Cantor
Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations February-April 1989PDF7 pages / 464 kb
Sam Y. Cross
Volume 14, Number 3 Autumn

Trends in International Banking in the United States
and Japan
PDF6 pages / 406 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan

Evaluating Recent Trends in Capital FormationPDF13 pages / 983 kb
A. Steven Englander and Charles Steindel

Inflation Expectations Surveys as Predictors of Inflation and Behavior in Financial and Labor MarketsPDF13 pages / 998 kb
A. Steven Englander and Gary Stone

Japanese Trade Balance Adjustment to Yen AppreciationPDF15 pages / 1,244 kb
Susan Hickok

The Effectiveness of Tax Amnesty Programs
in Selected Countries
PDF6 pages / 461 kb
Elliot Uchitelle
Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations
August-October 1989
PDF7 pages / 419 kb
Sam Y. Cross
May-July 1989
PDF6 pages / 403 kb
Sam Y. Cross
Volume 14, Number 4 Winter
Future Priorities in Banking and FinancePDF7 pages / 634 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan
A Perspective on Recent Financial DisruptionsPDF8 pages / 750 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan
Do Margin Requirements Matter? Evidence from U.S.
and Japanese Stock Markets
PDF20 pages / 1,656 kb
Gikas Hardouvelis and Steve Peristiani
Shifting Patterns of U.S. Trade with Selected Developing Asian Economies
PDF12 pages / 882 kb
Susan Hickok and James Orr
Unemployment in Canada and the United States:
The Role of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

PDF14 pages / 1,033 kb
Vivek Moorthy
In Brief:Economic Capsules
Monetary Policy and U.S. External Balances
PDF7 pages / 597 kb
Bruce Kasman
Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations November 1989-January 1990PDF6 pages / 472 kb
Sam Y. Cross
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