Research and Statistics
Joseph Tracy
Executive Vice President
and Acting Head
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The Research and Statistics Group provides analytic support for the Bank's responsibilities relating to monetary policy, banking supervision, payments systems, and financial market issues. In addition to contributing to the formulation and execution of policy in these areas, our economists conduct independent research on a wide range of topics. The business areas and their tasks are:

Capital Markets
  • Specializes in research on domestic and international capital markets, focusing on such issues as credit and market risks, links between financial markets and economics fundamentals, the performance and vulnerabilities of financial markets and institutions, and technical aspects of pricing and trading securities and derivatives.
Financial Intermediation
  • Conducts policy-oriented research and analysis on a wide range of issues relating to the behavior of financial institutions and the structure and health of the financial services industry.
International Research
  • Conducts research and policy analysis in international economics, including macroeconomics, trade, and economic development.
Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies
  • Conducts long-term research on a broad range of domestic macroeconomic and microeconomic issues geared toward academic and Federal Reserve publications.
  • Supports the Microeconomic and Regional Studies Function in its analysis of the national and regional economies.
Microeconomic Studies
  • Conducts long-term research on the behavior and interaction of households, firms, and governments, and their effect on economic aggregates at the sectoral, local and national level.
  • Monitors and analyzes conditions in the labor market; real estate and mortgage markets; household balance sheets; federal, state and local budgets.
  • Develops new tools for analyzing expectations formation of households and firms.
  • Provides analytical support for retail credit risk and auction design analyses.
  • Develops and employs state of the art econometric techniques (e.g., methods for evaluating causal effects, structural model estimation, spatial methods) for our analyses.
Money and Payments Studies
  • Supports the Bank's efforts to promote stable and efficient payments and settlement systems.
  • Recommends pragmatic approaches in the provision of payments services.
Regional Analysis
  • Monitors and analyzes current economic trends in the region to support monetary policy and other Bank operations.
  • Conducts in-depth research on local and regional issues relevant to policymakers.
  • Actively disseminates information and maintain ongoing communication with a variety of groups across the District.
Research Services
  • Provides automation and business support to the Research functions, and library and information services to the Bank.
  • Oversees the review, editing and production of all publications for the Research and Statistics Group.
  • Takes on special editorial and design assignments for other areas of the Bank.
  • Collects financial and bank structure data from domestic and foreign depository institutions, capital market participants and bank holding companies.
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