Research & Statistics
Kartik B. Athreya (bio)
Director of Research
and Group Head
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The Research & Statistics Group provides data and analysis in support of the Bank's work in the areas of monetary policy, banking supervision, payments systems, and financial market issues.


Our research economists contribute to the formulation and execution of policy in the areas mentioned above, and also conduct independent research on a wide range of topics. The research teams and their primary areas of focus are:

Financial Intermediation Policy Research
  • Banking Studies
  • Climate Risk Studies
  • Non-Bank Financial Institution Studies
Financial Stability Policy Research
  • Capital Markets Studies
  • Macrofinance Studies
  • Money and Payments Studies
Household and Public Policy Research
  • Consumer Behavior Studies
  • Equitable Growth Studies
  • Urban and Regional Studies
Monetary Policy Research
  • International Studies
  • Labor and Product Market Studies
  • Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies

Data and Statistics

The Data and Statistics Function manages the collection of financial and bank structure data from domestic and foreign depository institutions, capital market participants, and bank holding companies. These data are used regularly in the implementation of monetary and foreign exchange policy, the construction of the monetary aggregates, bank supervision and compliance monitoring, and the monitoring of domestic and international markets. Data and Statistics is also responsible for driving the Bank's strategy on data, elevating the capacity for connecting and synthesizing the increasing number and scale of disparate and complex informational sources, and creating insightful analysis and policy work. It also provides advisory services on data quality and analytics.

RSG Group Shared Services

Group Shared Services supports both Research and Data and Statistics. Its responsibilities include:

  • Technology and business support for the Research & Statistics Group, and research and information services for the Bank.
  • The editing, design, and production of all publications for the Research & Statistics Group.
  • Special editorial and design assignments for other areas of the Bank.
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