BIC Guidelines and Forms
Borrower-in-Custody (BIC) of collateral arrangements may be used when physically transferring the collateral to a Federal Reserve Bank would be impractical because of the high volume of assets involved.

To qualify for a BIC arrangement, institutions must be in sound financial condition, maintain appropriate document-storage facilities and have an acceptable automated record/reporting system.

Handwritten submissions for certification and pledge forms will not be accepted. Please contact the Discount Window hotline at
866-226-5619 if you require a Word version of any form.

BIC Imaging pdf 2 pages / 63 kb
BIC Program Requirements pdf 11 pages / 185 kb
Certification Forms1

Certification Form (all loans types except credit card receivables) pdf 11 pages / 93 kb

Certification Form (credit card receivables only) pdf 6 pages / 47 kb
Imaging Certification Form: Image and Destroy pdf3 pages /54 kb
Imaging Certification Form: Image and Store pdf3 pages / 54 kb
New Location Questionnaire pdf3 pages / 18 kb
Pledge Forms
Collateral Pledge Cover Letter - Automated Loan Deposit (ALD) pdf 1 page / 18 kb
Pledge Cover Letter Instructions - ALD and Group Deposit pdf 1 page / 91 kb
Collateral Pledge Cover Letter - Group Deposit pdf 1 page / 14 kb
Collateral Withdrawal or Termination Cover Letter pdf 1 page / 80.7 kb
Electronic Pledge Authorization Letter pdf 2 pages/ 15 kb
1 With the exception of the New Location Questionnaire, certification forms are to be completed by the depository institution's internal audit department.