BIC Guidelines and Forms

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York accepts loan pledges from qualifying depository institutions to secure borrowings from the Discount Window or for payment system risk purposes, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Handwritten submissions for certification and pledge forms will not be accepted. Please contact the Discount Window hotline at
866-226-5619 if you require a Word version of any form.


BIC Imaging Guidelines 2016 pdf 2 pages / 63 kb

BIC Program Requirements pdf 11 pages / 245 kb

Certification Forms1

Certification Form (all loans types except credit card receivables) pdf 11 pages / 93 kb

Certification Form (credit card receivables only) pdf 6 pages / 47 kb

Image and Destroy Certification Form pdf3 pages /54 kb

Image and Store Certification Form pdf3 pages / 54 kb

New Location Questionnaire pdf3 pages / 18 kb

Pledge Forms

Collateral Pledge Cover Letter - Automated Loan Deposit (ALD) pdf 1 page / 18 kb

Pledge Cover Letter Instructions - ALD and Group Deposit pdf 1 page / 91 kb

Collateral Pledge Cover Letter - Group Deposit pdf 1 page / 13 kb

Collateral Withdrawal or Termination Cover Letter pdf 1 page / 79 kb

Electronic Pledge Authorization Letter (EPAL)
As of August 1, 2016, the EPAL has been incorporated into the Discount Window Official OC-10 Authorization List.

1 With the exception of the New Location Questionnaire, certification forms are to be completed by the depository institution's internal audit department.