Mergers and Acquisitions
We review mergers, acquisitions and expansionary proposals from state member banks, bank holding companies and international financial institutions.

Federal Reserve Eases Application Submission Process pdf
The Federal Reserve has taken a major step forward in developing an internet-based system for electronically submitting application documents in a secure environment. Starting in 2009, banking organizations or authorized representatives, such as law firms or consulting firms, can sign up to use E-Apps.

Applications Subject to Public Comment (H.2A)
Lists all applications and notices that have been filed with the Federal Reserve System under the Bank Holding Company Act or the Change in Bank Control Act. Issued each Friday and updated at least every three days.
Actions and Applications Received (H.2)
Lists actions taken by the Board of Governors, its staff, and the Federal Reserve Banks on bank applications and lists received applications. Issued each Thursday.
Applications Guidance
Applications Filing Information offsite
Guidance for filing applications to engage in mergers, acquisitions and expansionary activities in the United States and Overseas. Please submit a minimum of 10 copies of applications for processing.
Comments on Applications and Notifications
How to submit comments on applications or notifications during the comment period.
Requests for Bank Applications, Notices and Reports
How to file a request for copies of applications, notices and reports.
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