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FR 3036 Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Market Activity
The FR 3036 survey consists of a Turnover part and a part on Derivatives Outstandings. The Turnover part requests information on the monthly volume of transactions (turnover) in the foreign exchange cash market, the foreign exchange derivatives market, and the interest rate derivatives markets. The Derivatives Outstandings part requests data on outstanding contracts in the derivatives markets for foreign exchange, interest rates, equities, and commodities.
Derivatives, Foreign Exchange
Brokers and Dealers, Commercial Banks, Financial Institutions
Form and Instructions: Offsite
Dealers (U.S. and foreign) located in the United States should complete the Turnover Survey, while U.S. dealers who do not file the semiannual FR 2436 should complete the Derivatives Outstanding Survey.

Forms and instructions were approved without change by the Board of Governors under delegated authority effective January 29, 2013.

Additional Information:
Historic Reporting Changes pdf
FR 3036 Edit Checks pdf
Market totals from the survey are published in a press release by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. National and global aggregates are published by the Bank for International Settlements. Offsite
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