Career Development

At the New York Fed, we provide the tools our employees need to develop skills and chart their own unique career paths. Our goal is to provide clarity and support through every step of this journey. We want every employee to have the opportunity to build a meaningful and fulfilling career with us.

Our Structure

We have a less hierarchical career approach that supports employees in building broad knowledge, skills, and abilities, and provides opportunities for ongoing growth and development.

At the New York Fed we have distinct career tracks, each of which offers compelling opportunities for progression and focuses on fundamentally different skillsets. Having clear tracks with unique responsibilities helps employees understand which roles line up with their interests and skills. With the tracks valued equally, employees feel recognized and celebrated across all jobs.

Within each track are different career roles. Career roles differentiate the scope and complexity of our jobs and reflect the skills and expertise needed to be successful. Having these roles allows employees to focus on achieving their career aspirations through the attainment of new skills and experiences.

Career Planning & Skill Building

Our career development offerings, available to all employees, include an interactive career planning and development platform. This platform includes customized tools and integrated learning paths to help employees plan their career, develop skills, and make progress toward their career aspirations.

We also offer a comprehensive catalog of learning opportunities that amplify our commitment to education and skill-building. These resources can support employees in taking proactive steps to build the skills they need to grow within our organization.

Employees are also encouraged to continue their formal education by using the Bank's generous Tuition Assistance Program, which may cover individual classes, certificate programs, and degree programs, helping to build knowledge and skills unique to one’s own personal career path and journey at the Bank.

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