Meet Our People

  • Joe: Information Security Guru

    “The New York Fed is a place where you can stretch yourself and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

  • Dare: Tech Collaborator

    I like “knowing that I play a role in ensuring that we have an effective and efficient financial services system.”

  • Aleshka: Data Source-erer

    “There was a lot of opportunity to apply my skill set to advance the use and management of data.”

  • Philip: Cyber Sleuth

    “I’m working in public service with dedicated professionals, and forming great friendships along the way.”

  • Viktoria: Cyber Protector

    We “monitor cyber risk, and influence cybersecurity policy, which ultimately helps promote and protect the safety and soundness of the financial sector.”

  • Dona: Digital Storyteller

    "I thought it was such a unique opportunity to help the public understand the work of the New York Fed."

  • Shafat: Risk Data Wrangler

    "The New York Fed is a place where your managers appreciate an outside perspective and innovative techniques for solving problems."

  • Rashid: Partner to Foreign Central Banks

    "I have had the opportunity to work in many different areas of the New York Fed."

  • Kerri: Financial Reports Guardian

    "The people, mission, and culture at the New York Fed was a much needed change from my life in public accounting."

  • Saniya: Operations Booster

    I was most surprised by "how driven my colleagues are towards achieving the New York Fed's mission."

  • Jennifer: Legal Eagle

    "I quickly realized that this would be a fascinating and rewarding place to practice law."

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