Municipal Liquidity Facility Application Materials

As of December 31, 2020, the MLF has ceased purchasing eligible notes. The materials and information on the web pages associated with this facility will remain available.
Effective May 18, 2020
Eligible issuers must submit an application to the Municipal Liquidity Facility (MLF) in order to sell eligible notes to the MLF. To apply, eligible issuers must first complete a notice of interest (NOI) and email that, with required supporting documentation, to

Once an NOI is submitted by an authorized officer of the issuer, the Administrative Agent will send an email confirmation to the authorized officer. If, upon review, the NOI is complete and the Issuer and Notes meet the initial MLF program eligibility requirements, the Administrative Agent will send an NOI approval email, along with an invitation to complete an application to the authorized officer.

The MLF today is providing the following Sample Application and Form Documents and Certifications for informational purposes only so interested Eligible Issuers can better understand the process and requirements of the MLF program. An Application should only be filled out by invitation and will be provided by the MLF Administrative Agent upon approval of an Eligible Issuer’s NOI.

Questions concerning the NOI and Application process should be directed to

The Federal Reserve reserves the right to update these documents and, therefore, please check this website periodically for the latest program documents.

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