Webcast of FR Y-10 Reporting Seminar
June 3 - September 3, 2009

The Statistics Function will rebroadcast the 2007 Report of Changes in Organizational Structure (FR Y-10) Seminar, including a section on the Domestic Branches of U.S. Banking Institutions Schedule, which was added to the 2008 rebroadcast. The seminar is designed to educate reporters on reporting requirements and instructions.

The Federal Reserve has added a data item to collect the tax identification numbers (Tax Ids) on the Banking and Nonbanking Schedules of the FR Y-10 for entities located in the United States. The new data item will not be covered in this rebroadcast. For more information on the Tax Id field, please refer to the letter sent on January 21, 2009 to the contact for your organization and the report instructions.

Registration not required.

Staff of bank holding companies, foreign banking organizations, unaffiliated state member banks, unaffiliated Edge and agreement corporations, and national banks not controlled by a BHC or FBO responsible for the preparation and submission of the FR Y-10 report.

Event Details

Webcast offsite
Accessible for 90 days starting June 3.
Domestic Branch Schedule pdf
Announcement letter pdf

More Information
Contact Danielle Ellington (212) 720-8241 or at danielle.ellington@ny.frb.org.

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