October 30, 2000


Now on the New York Fed’s web site in the Current Issues in Economics and Finance, The Emergence of Electronic Communications Networks in the U.S. Equity Markets, by James McAndrews and Chris Stefanadis. "The U.S. equity markets are in the midst of a technological revolution that could redefine their structure and operation," the authors find.

According to McAndrews and Stefanadis, the competition spawned by electronic communications networks (ECNs) — stock-trading systems that match buy and sell orders and execute transactions — is already encouraging faster order execution, lower transaction costs, and better customer service.

McAndrews and Stefanadis also find that:

James McAndrews is an assistant vice president and Chris Stefanadis an economist at the New York Fed.

Contact: Douglas Tillett or Steven Malin

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