Current Issues in Economics and Finance
Current Issues in Economics and FinanceConcise studies of topical economic and financial market issues, geared toward a broad audience of educators and students, decision makers in business and government, and the general public.

This series, published from 1995 through 2014, has been archived.

Second District Highlights
A regional supplement to Current Issues in Economics and Finance covering a range of topics pertaining to the economy of the Federal Reserve System's Second District, including fiscal conditions, housing and credit markets, growth and productivity, and employment.

This series, published from 1997 through 2014, has been archived.

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1999 Issues
Explaining the Recent Divergence in Payroll and Household Employment Growth
Chinhui Juhn and Simon Potter
December Volume 5, Number 16
Credit Risk in Japan's Corporate Bond Market
Frank Packer
November Volume 5, Number 15
Second District Highlights
Two New Indexes Offer a Broad View of Economic Activity in the New York-New Jersey Region
James Orr, Robert Rich, and Rae Rosen
October Volume 5, Number 14
A Decomposition of the Increased Stability of GDP Growth
Margaret M. McConnell, Patricia C. Mosser, and Gabriel Perez Quiros
September Volume 5, Number 13
Are Banks Still Important for Financing Large Businesses?
Marc R. Saidenberg and Philip E. Strahan
August Volume 5, Number 12
Second District Highlights
Can New York City Bank on Wall Street?
Jason Bram and James Orr
July Volume 5, Number 11
Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce
John Wenninger
June Volume 5, Number 10
The Impact of Reduced Inflation Estimates on Real Output and Productivity Growth
Charles Steindel
June Volume 5, Number 9
The Future of Financial Intermediation and Regulation: An Overview
Stephen G. Cecchetti
May Volume 5, Number 8
Mercosur: Implications for Growth in Member Countries
Michelle Connolly and Jenessa Gunther
May | Volume 5, Number 7
Second District Highlights
Is Upstate New York Showing Signs of a Turnaround?
Richard Deitz and Mike De Mott
May Volume 5, Number 6
Are Stocks Overtaking Real Estate in Household Portfolios?
Joseph Tracy, Henry Schneider, and Sewin Chan
April Volume 5, Number 5
Mortgage Refinancing and the Concentration of Mortgage Coupons
Paul Bennett, Frank Keane, and Patricia C. Mosser
March | Volume 5, Number 4
Meet the New Borrowers
Sandra E. Black and Donald P. Morgan
February Volume 5, Number 3
Second District Highlights
Second District House Prices: Why So Weak in the 1990s?

Matthew Higgins, Carol Osler, and Anjali Sridhar
January Volume 5, Number 2
Paying Electronic Bills Electronically
Lawrence J. Radecki and John Wenninger
January Volume 5, Number 1
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