Visitor Scholars
Our Visiting Scholars are a valuable component of the research effort at the New York Fed, strengthening the links between staff economists and their peers at universities. Scholars may visit the Bank on an ongoing basis for one day a week (typically Fridays) or for one-time periods of a week, semester or year.

  Resident Scholars
Peter Diamond OFFSITE
S. Vish Viswanathan OFFSITE
Duke University
  Long-Term Visitors
Robert Townsend OFFSITE
  Occasional Visitors
Adi Sunderam OFFSITE
Harvard Business School
Arvind Krishnamurthy OFFSITE
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Christopher Sims OFFSITE
Princeton University
Frank Schorfheide OFFSITE
University of Pennsylvania
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde OFFSITE
University of Pennsylvania
John Leahy OFFSITE
University of Michigan
University of Rochester
Mark Gertler OFFSITE
New York University
Michael Jacobides OFFSITE
London Business School
Michael Woodford OFFSITE
Columbia University
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki OFFSITE
Princeton University