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Volume 11, Number 2 December 2005

Urban Dynamics in New York City
Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Press release
Conference Overview and Summary of PapersPDF4 pages / 49 kb
Erica L. Groshen and Giorgio Topa
Urban Colossus: Why Is New York America's Largest City?PDF18 pages / 154 kb
Edward L. Glaeser
CommentaryPDF4 pages / 46 kb
J. Vernon Henderson
The Geography of Entrepreneurship in the New York Metropolitan AreaPDF25 pages / 3,531 kb
Stuart S. Rosenthal and William C. Strange
CommentaryPDF5 pages / 89 kb
Robert Inman
 Exogenous Shocks and the Dynamics of City Growth: Evidence from New YorkPDF13 pages / 396 kb
Andrew F. Haughwout and Bess Rabin
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CommentaryPDF3 pages / 44 kb
Stephen L. Ross
Keynote Address
The Promised City: Openness and Immigration in the Making of a World Metropolis
PDF8 pages / 77 kb
Kenneth T. Jackson
Immigration Trends in the New York Metropolitan AreaPDF11 pages / 347 kb
George J. Borjas
CommentaryPDF2 pages / 37 kb
Stephen J. Trejo
Trajectories for the Immigrant Second Generation
in New York City
PDF16 pages / 127 kb
John Mollenkopf
CommentaryPDF3 pages / 42 kb
Douglas S. Massey
Immigration, Health, and New York City: Early Results Based on the U.S. New Immigrant Cohort of 2003
PDF25 pages / 210 kb

Guillermina Jasso, Douglas S. Massey, Mark R. Rosenzweig, and James P. Smith
CommentaryPDF3 pages / 42 kb
Adriana Lleras-Muney
Public Education in the Dynamic City: Lessons from New York CityPDF16 pages / 212 kb
Amy Ellen Schwartz and Leanna Stiefel
CommentaryPDF4 pages / 45 kb
Dalton Conley
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