New York Innovation Center

The New York Innovation Center (NYIC) bridges the worlds of finance, technology, and innovation. The NYIC conducts research, analysis, and technical experimentation to generate insights into high-value central banking-related opportunities aimed at enhancing the functioning of the global financial system.
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Featured Research
Opportunity Areas define our focus
The NYIC discovers high-value learning opportunities in six areas:
Future of Money
Exploring the potential for digital assets and tokenization to improve wholesale payments.

Financial Market Infrastructures
Advancing payments systems that move wholesale money and other assets between financial institutions.
Open Finance
Understanding how financial institutions leverage new business and operating models such as open banking, banking as a service, and decentralized finance.
Supervisory and Regulatory Technology
Using advanced data and analytics capabilities to support and promote a safe, sound, and stable financial system.
Cyber Risk
Exploring opportunities to reduce cyber risk and mitigate related costs.
Climate Risk
Generating climate risk insights for the central bank community.
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