Frequently Asked Questions
See below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding the applications process.

When is a filing deemed accepted?
A filing received in writing by mail on business days by 3:00 p.m. ET will be considered received for processing on the same day. Filings received on nonbusiness days, or received on business days after 3:00 p.m. ET, will not be considered received for processing until the next business day. Business days are days other than weekends and holidays.
See holiday schedule.

How many copies should be provided?
Please provide at least 1 original and 5 copies of the entire filing.

Is there a filing fee?
The Federal Reserve does not charge a fee to process applications.

How do I initiate a name check?
For filings that require FR2081c offsite (Interagency Biographical and Financial Report), these forms may be submitted in advance in order to expedite processing.

What are the guidelines for a confidentiality request?
When submitting an application please note that any portion for which you request confidential treatment should be labeled confidential and separately bound. Your application should also provide an explanation of why the information should not be made available to the public. Portions of the application that are not labeled confidential and separately bound will be available to the public upon request.

For further information on the procedures for requesting confidential treatment and the Board’s procedures for addressing such requests, consult the Board’s Rules Regarding Availability of Information, 12 CFR part 261 offsite, including 12 CFR 261.15 offsite, which governs requests for confidential treatment.

Where can I find information regarding newspaper publications?

What are the filing processing stages once a filing is submitted?
Please see the Filing Processing Stages offsite

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