Markets & Policy Implementation

Treasury Auctions
In its capacity as fiscal agent of the United States, the New York Fed conducts auctions of debt issued by the U.S. Treasury.
In carrying out its responsibilities, the New York Fed transacts with a range of counterparties and gathers information from various market participants.
International Market Operations
Central Bank & International Account Services
The New York Fed provides safekeeping accounts, securities settlement, correspondent banking, and cash management and investment services to most foreign official institutions in the world that hold dollar-denominated reserves.
Reference Rates
The New York Fed publishes reference rates for the U.S. money markets on a daily basis.
Market Intelligence & Sponsored Groups
The New York Fed monitors global financial markets and briefs policymakers at the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury on developments that are relevant to the conduct of economic policy.

The New York Fed sponsors certain industry efforts to foster sound business practices in the foreign exchange and government securities markets in which the New York Fed operates, in support of financial stability.
About Markets & Policy Implementation
The New York Fed operates in global financial markets in a number of capacities to support the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and financial stability objectives. It also does so in serving as fiscal agent of the United States, as may be required by the U.S. Treasury. The New York Fed also operates in global financial markets in providing banking services to about 200 central banks, governments, and international official institutions that hold U.S. dollar accounts at the New York Fed.