Primary Dealers
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York trades U.S. government and select other securities with designated primary dealers, which include banks and securities broker-dealers. Weekly transaction, market share data and primary dealer lists are updated periodically. Much of the information is submitted voluntarily. The Bank expects primary dealers to submit accurate data, but the Bank itself does not audit the data.
Primary Dealers Historical Search
The Primary Dealer Statistics Historical Search offers new options for automated downloads of the primary dealer data including csv, sdmx-ml and json formats. Data from January 25, 1998 to present are available. In addition, three options for viewing the data are offered: table, chart and export formats for automated consumption.
Reporting Forms and Instructions
FR 2004 Forms and Instructions
For primary dealers who provide information to the Federal Reserve Systems regarding their positions, transactions and financing

FR 2004SI
The weekly report of specific issues collects information on specific U.S. Treasury securities

FR 2004WI
The daily report of dealer positions in treasury financings collects data on the position of U.S. Treasury notes and bonds that the U.S. Treasury has offered for sale but has not yet issued (when-issued securities).