Presentations Delivered at the
Information Security Conference
Sponsored by
The Bank Supervision Group

Table of Contents

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

Ernest T. Patrikis
First Vice President

Chester B. Feldberg
Executive Vice President

Network Security
36 pages/202kb
Daniel J. Nealis
Senior Vice President
Technology Risk & Control
The Chase Manhattan Bank
Data Classification & Encryption
10 pages/151kb
Steven Katz
Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer
Citibank, N.A.
Global Communications Security
16 pages/60kb
Thomas E. Moriarty
Executive Director
Information Technology Security
SBC Warburg
33 pages/592kb
Luc De Clerc
Senior Manager
Global Information Security
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
Demonstration of Network Attacks

Gregory L. Wessel
Technical Director
Network Attack Technique Division
National Security Agency
Public Network Security
12 pages/80kb

John F. Kimmins
Senior Director
Security & Fraud Reduction
Recent Security Trends
18 pages/696kb

Richard D. Pethia
Network Systems Survivability Program
Carnegie Mellon University
Nationwide Security Perspective

Robert T. Marsh
President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection