Joining the New York Fed as a Research Economist

New York Fed economists pursue independent research while also engaging in important policy initiatives at senior levels.
The Research Group recruits both recent Ph.D. recipients and experienced economists. As a new hire, you will join a team of more than sixty economists in supporting the principal missions of the Bank and bring added breadth and depth to the team’s work in macroeconomics, banking, payments, finance, applied microeconomics, international economics, and regional analysis. The application period for 2020-21 is open. The deadline for applications is November 27, 2020.

About the position:
  • The primary goal for new economists is to produce research and publish in the major journals. Our first-year plan allows new economists to devote most of their time to developing publishable work.
  • New Ph.D. economists familiarize themselves with the Bank’s policy missions by interacting with economists in their area. They may contribute to a team working on a policy issue or help prepare a briefing on economic developments for the Bank’s president and senior officers.
  • A collegial and collaborative culture:
  • Economists regularly work together on policy initiatives, and this teamwork encourages a lively camaraderie that can be missing in academic departments.
  • Economists frequently coauthor articles and make joint presentations.
  • An environment where ideas flourish:
  • Teaching activity. Economists have the opportunity to teach while on staff—whether taking a leave of absence from the Bank or teaching part-time while here.
  • Sabbatical program. Under the program, economists have worked at such institutions as the Federal Reserve Board, Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.
  • Visiting scholars program. We regularly invite economists from major research institutions to be visiting scholars at the Bank. Visitors present their own work and make themselves available to discuss our economists’ research.
  • Resident scholars program. Economists with international reputations pursue their own research while providing intellectual leadership by advising and collaborating with Bank economists.
  • Conferences. The New York Fed sponsors conferences and workshops that draw an elite group of participants from leading universities and business schools and enable Bank economists to interact with top academics in their field.
  • Seminars. Our economists benefit from the New York Fed’s proximity to top-tier universities, frequently giving seminars at these institutions. We also offer a seminar series that attracts a broad group of distinguished speakers, with several seminars a week.
  • Tools for policy analysis. Research can result in the development of new tools and indicators for forecasting and policy analysis. Our efforts to share the methodology, code, data visualizations, and commentary help the work gain visibility and draw important feedback from others in the research community.
  • Dedicated research, technical, and professional resources:
  • A state-of-the-art computing environment. We provide economists with a wide array of technology resources, the ability to take advantage of real and financial data series, and electronic access to academic journals.
  • Skilled research analysts. Economists are assisted by forty research analysts who help gather data, conduct statistical analysis, and prepare materials for presentations. Our RAs are typically recent college graduates who intend to pursue a Ph.D. in economics. Many go on to top-five programs.
  • Extensive professional support. Bank economists are supported by a talented team of administrative, computer, editorial, design, and library professionals.
  • Wide exposure for your research:
  • Economist web pages. Each page features the economist’s biography and fields of interest as well as links to their CV, publications and working papers, and social-media output.
  • Liberty Street Economics. Posts by our economists attract large numbers of readers and receive frequent attention from the media and financial bloggers in particular. Liberty Street Economics publishes more than one hundred posts each year.
  • Economic Policy Review. The Bank’s policy journal features new policy-oriented research by New York Fed economists, papers by affiliated economists, and the proceedings of Bank-sponsored conferences.
  • Comprehensive benefits program:
    In addition to the Bank’s robust package of health, financial, and lifestyle benefits, economists enjoy:
  • Substantial annual discretionary travel budget
  • Reimbursement of journal-submission fees
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Relaxed, flexible work attire
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Research Areas and Policy Work
Access to Specialized Data
How Do I Apply?
Applications for Ph.D. positions with a summer–fall 2021 start date are now being accepted. To ensure proper consideration, please apply online by November 27, 2020.

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Bev-hirtle-photo_64x60(2x)"We look to our stellar group of economists to provide analysis based on rigorous research and a comprehensive knowledge of the issues."
-Beverly Hirtle, Director of Research

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