Argia M. Sbordone

Argia M. Sbordone

Head of Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies
Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045

A New Approach to Assess Inflation Expectations Anchoring Using Strategic Surveys
With Olivier Armantier, Giorgio Topa, Wilbert van der Klaauw, and John C. Williams
Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 129, Supplement, July 2022, Pages S82-S101
See also>> Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports 1007, February 2022

Discussion of “Monetary Policy Challenges from Falling Natural Interest Rates"
Central Banks in a Shifting World, ECB, Frankfurt am Main, 2021

Macroeconomic Nowcasting and Forecasting with Big Data
With Brandyn Bok, Daniele Caratelli, Domenico Giannone, and Andrea Tambalotti
Annual Review of Economics 2018, vol. 10: pp. 615-643
See also>> Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports 830, November 2017

Optimized Taylor Rules for Disinflation When Agents Are Learning
With Tim Cogley and Christian Matthes
Journal of Monetary Economics 2015, vol.72: pp. 131-147
See also>> Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports 524, November 2011, Revised May 2014

The Macroeconomics of Trend Inflation PDF
With Guido Ascari
Journal of Economic Literature, 2014, 52 (3): 679-739

Policy Analysis Using DSGE Models: An Introduction
With Andrea Tambalotti, Krishna Rao and Kieran Walsh
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review,
2010, vol 16 (2)

Globalization and Inflation Dynamics: the Impact of Increased Competition;offsite
International Dimensions of Monetary Policy, edited by Jordi Gali and Mark Gertler, NBER, University of Chicago Press, 2009

Trend Inflation, Indexation and Inflation Persistence in the New Keynesian Phillips Curve PDF
With Tim Cogley
American Economic Review, 2008, vol. 98(5), pp. 2101-2126
47 pages / 412 kb

Inflation Persistence: Alternative Interpretations and Policy Implications PDF
Journal of Monetary Economics,vol 54 (5), July 2007,
pp. 1311-1339

U.S. Wage and Price Dynamics: A Limited Information Approach PDF
International Journal of Central Bankingvol. 2 (3), September 2006
37 pages / 441 kb

Do Expected Future Marginal Costs Drive Inflation Dynamics?PDF
Journal of Monetary Economics Vol. 52 (6), September 2005, pp. 1183-1197
15 pages / 210 kb

Prices and Unit Labor Costs: A New Test of Price StickinessPDF
Journal of Monetary Economics Vol. 49 (2), March 2002,
28 pages / 449 kb

Sources of New York Employment Fluctuations PDF
With K. Kuttner
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review, February 1997
15 pages / 161 kb

Interpreting the Procyclical Productivity of Manufacturing Sectors: External Effects or Labor Hoarding?PDF
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 1997, Vol. 29, No. 1
21 pages / 2051 kb

Cyclical Productivity in a Model of Labor HoardingPDF
Journal of Monetary Economics Vol. 38 (2), 1996
31 pages / 1606 kb

Consumer Confidence and Economic Fluctuations
With J. G. Matsusaka
Economic Inquiry 1995, Vol. XXXIII, n. 2

Does Inflation Reduce Productivity?
With K. Kuttner
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Economic Perspectives 1994, Nov./Dec

A CAPM with a Multivariate Generalized ARCH Process: An Empirical Analysis of the Italian Financial Market
With G. De Dantis
Operatori e mercati nel processo di liberalizzazione, V. Conti and R. Hamaui eds. 1991, Vol. I, il Mulino

Multivariate Estimates of the Permanent Components of GNP and Stock PricesPDF
With J. H. Cochrane
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 1988, Vol. 12, No. 2/3
42 pages / 2228 kb

Argia M. Sbordone's CVPDF

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