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A policy-oriented journal focusing on economic and financial market issues. The Review publishes new research by Federal Reserve Bank of New York economists, papers by affiliated economists, and the proceedings of Bank-sponsored conferences. Executive summaries of select articles are available online.
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Editor: Kenneth D. Garbade
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2000 Articles
Volume 6, Number 4 October
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Specialization, Diversification, and the Structure of the Financial System: The Impact of Technological Change and Regulatory Reform
Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, June 9, 2000

Volume 6, Number 3 September
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Special Issue: Lessons from Recent Crises in Asian and Other Emerging Markets

Overview of the VolumePDF2 pages / 29 kb
Linda Goldberg and Thomas Klitgaard
The Economics of Currency Crises and Contagion: An Introduction
Paolo Pesenti and Cédric Tille
Foreign and Domestic Bank Participation in Emerging Markets: Lessons from Mexico and Argentina
B. Gerard Dages, Linda Goldberg, and DanielKinney
Asia’s Trade Performance after the Currency Crisis
Matthew Higgins and Thomas Klitgaard
Asia Crisis Postmortem: Where Did the Money Go and Did the United States Benefit?
Eric van Wincoop and Kei-Mu Yi
The Impact of the Asia Crisis on U.S. Industry: An Almost-Free Lunch?
James Harrigan
Volume 6, Number 2 July
Download full book PDF 73 pages / 931 kb
Listening to Loan Officers: The Impact of Commercial Credit Standards on Lending and Output
Cara S. Lown, Donald P. Morgan, and Sonali Rohatgi
The Timing and Funding of Fedwire Funds Transfers
James McAndrews and Samira Rajan
Capital Ratios as Predictors of Bank Failure
Arturo Estrella, Sangkyun Park, and Stavros Peristiani
Support for Resistance: Technical Analysis and Intraday Exchange Rates
Carol Osler
Volume 6, Number 1April
Download full book PDF 166 pages / 1,355 kb

Fiscal Policy in an Era of Surpluses: Economic and Financial Implications
Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, December 3,1999

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