Publications by Field of Interest

Browse New York Fed research publications by area of specialization.
Capital Markets
Research focusing on asset pricing and financial market liquidity and on the interaction between markets, institutions, and the macroeconomy
Financial Intermediation
Publications covering issues related to financial intermediation and financial markets, including the behavior and health of financial institutions, innovation, governance, and risk management
International Research
Research and policy analysis on global macroeconomic, trade, and finance issues affecting the United States
Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies
Scholarly research on topics in macroeconomic and monetary policy as well as analysis of current economic, fiscal, and monetary conditions
Microeconomic Studies
Microeconomic research of particular relevance to monetary policy, including housing economics, household and public finance, and labor economics
Money and Payments Studies
Research and analysis on the interbank and money markets, with an emphasis on the federal funds market, repo market, and other over-the-counter markets, as well as payments and settlement systems
Regional Analysis
Studies on regional economic conditions, human capital and local economic development, and the fiscal status of state and local governments.
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