Fairfield County

Located just outside New York City in Connecticut, Fairfield is a slowly growing county with a population of about 950,000. Bridgeport is the county’s largest city, while Stamford is the primary business hub; the county’s other major cities include Norwalk, Danbury, and Greenwich. In contrast to New York City’s employment boom, Fairfield has seen little job growth since the Great Recession. Historically, Fairfield County has been a major hub for durable goods manufacturing, though such activity has shrunk in recent years. As in New York City, the finance sector plays an outsized role in the regional economy, though it has not grown in recent years. The education-and-health and leisure-and-hospitality sectors have been the strongest contributors to growth in the area. The county’s educational attainment and median income rank among the highest in the nation. While Fairfield is one of the nation’s most affluent counties, it is also one of the most unequal.

Economic and Demographic Trends
Fairfield County Dutchess-Putnam* Orange-Rockland-Westchester* Connecticut USA
Population1 944,000 393,000 1,675,000 3,573,000 327,167,000
Pop growth, 10-year change1 4.4% -0.8% 3.9% 0.8% 7.6%
GDP, billions2 $98 $16 $118 $266 $19,485
Job growth, 5-year change1 1.8% 4.1% 6.7% 2.1% 9.3%
Median household income2 $90,000 $81,000 $83,000 $74,000 $60,000
Median home price2 $400,000 $285,000 $320,000 $260,000 $200,000
Pop share age 25+ with BA+2 47.1% 35.6% 43.0% 38.7% 32.0%

1 2018

2 2017

* Neighboring Metros

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis; IPUMS USA-University of Minnesota. Data retrieved through American FactFinder, Moody's Economy.com, or directly from source.

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