Visiting Scholars
Visiting Scholars
Our Visiting Scholars are a valuable component of the research effort at the New York Fed, strengthening the links between staff economists and their peers at universities. Scholars may visit the Bank on an ongoing basis for one day a week (typically Fridays) or for one-time periods of a week, semester or year.

  Resident Scholars
Eric Ghysels  OFFSITE
University of North Carolina
John Leahy  OFFSITE
New York University
  Long-Term Visitors
Donald Davis  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Eloisa Campioni  OFFSITE
Committe on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession Fellows
Francesca Monti  OFFSITE
Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Guido Ascari  OFFSITE
University of Pavia
Marvin Goodfriend  OFFSITE
Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business
Tiziana Assenza  OFFSITE
Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession Fellows
  One Week Visitors
Bart Hobijn  OFFSITE
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Bruno Biais  OFFSITE
University of Toulouse
Cedric Tille  OFFSITE
Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies
Federico Ravenna  OFFSITE
University of California, Santa Cruz
Giancarlo Corsetti  OFFSITE
European University Institute
John James  OFFSITE
University of Virginia
Marco Bonomo  OFFSITE
EPGE-Funda��o Getulio Vargas
Mario Crucini  OFFSITE
Vanderbilt University
Mike Elsby  OFFSITE
University of Michigan
Philip Strahan  OFFSITE
Boston College
Philippe Martin  OFFSITE
University of Paris-I Pantheon- Sorbonne
Richard Rogerson  OFFSITE
Arizona State University
Roberto Chang  OFFSITE
Rutgers University
Sergio Rebelo  OFFSITE
Northwestern University
Stephen Williamson  OFFSITE
Washington University in St. Louis
Toshihiko Mukoyama  OFFSITE
University of Virginia
  Friday Visitors
Alan Blinder  OFFSITE
Princeton University
Amit Khandelwal  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Andrea Moro  OFFSITE
Vanderbilt University
Hyun Shin  OFFSITE
Princeton University
Jess Benhabib  OFFSITE
New York University
Jesse Rothstein  OFFSITE
Princeton University
John Asker  OFFSITE
New York University Stern School of Business
Jon Steinsson  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Leif Brubakk  OFFSITE
Norges Bank
Marc Melitz  OFFSITE
Princeton University
Mark Flannery  OFFSITE
University of Florida
Motohiro Yogo  OFFSITE
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki  OFFSITE
Princeton University
Paul Glasserman  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Per Krusell  OFFSITE
Princeton University
Philip Bond  OFFSITE
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Ricardo Lagos  OFFSITE
New York University
Robert Barro  OFFSITE
Harvard University
Stephen Zeldes  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Suresh Sundaresan  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Virgiliu Midrigan  OFFSITE
New York University
William Dickens  OFFSITE
The Brookings Institution
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