Past Events

Community Development | Mar. 30, 2021
The State of the 50+ Entrepreneur
The New York Fed and the AARP hosted a virtual event with thought leaders, researchers, and policymakers discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on older business owners and their firms, and what might be done to help their recovery.
Community Development | Mar. 22, 2021
The Impact of the COVID-19 Shock on Women’s Labor Market Outcomes and Equitable Policy Solutions
The New York Fed, in partnership with the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs of the University of Texas at Austin, hosted a virtual event bringing together thought leaders, researchers, community development practitioners, and policy influencers to discuss the COVID-19 "shecession," with a focus on women of color, as well the effects women's job losses have had on families and children.
Community Development | Feb. 24, 2021
Fighting the Climate Crisis in Communities of Color
The New York Fed hosted a discussion on how the climate crisis is affecting communities of color, with economists presenting findings on climate risk and inequality, and research on how the wealth gap hobbles communities of color when disaster strikes.
Outreach | November 20, 2020
Mobilizing Capital: Artists' Impact on Community Health and Wellbeing
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in partnership with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, hosted a discussion focused on artists' role in building an equitable economy and their influence on community health and wellbeing via Webex.
Outreach | November 19, 2020
Reducing Climate Risk for Low Income Communities
The New York Fed co-hosted, with Climate Safe Lending Network, an event to explore the intersection of climate change approaches in the financial sector, and the opportunities for community resilience and inclusion via Webex.
Outreach | October 27, 2020
The COVID-19 Eviction Cliff–Who’s Affected and How to Mitigate Short- and Long-term Crises?
The New York Fed hosted a discussion with the NYU Furman Center on the pandemic and its associated job losses that have limited renters’ ability to pay monthly expenses and landlords’ ability to keep current on mortgages via Webex.
Outreach | October 16, 2020
Culture and Communities: A Conversation about the Creative Sector, Community Development and Impact Investing
The New York Fed hosted a discussion with Upstart Co-Lab on the role of cultural institutions in New York City's recovery from COVID-19 via Webex.

Jessica Battisto
Community Development Analysis

Thomas Bayne
Economic Education

Marisa Casellas-Barnes
Community Engagement

Chelsea Cruz
Community Development Finance

Heather Daly
Director of Education Programs

Tony Davis
Community Affairs Officer & Director of Community Engagement

David Erickson, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President & Head of Outreach & Education

Adrián Franco, Ph.D.
Director of Community Development Finance

Sam Ginsberg
Economic Education

Anna Grant
Economic Education

Chaeri Han
Economic Education

Tess Hwang
Economic Education

Kellye Jackson
Executive Assistant

Jennifer Kahn
Economic Education

Claire Kramer Mills, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President & Director of Community Development Analysis
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Rebecca Landau
Community Development Analysis

Scott Lieberman
Community Development Analysis

Graham Long
Economic Education

Felicia Noth
Economic Education

Anika Pratt
Assistant Vice President and Deputy Function Head; Director of Economic Education

Maria Carmelita Recto
Community Development Finance

Edison Reyes
Community Engagement

Javier Silva
Community Engagement

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