Past Events

Education | September 26, 2014
Rutgers University Undergrads to Visit the New York Fed
First-year students at Rutgers University will visit the New York Fed to learn about the Federal Reserve System and topics in household credit.
Outreach | April 25, 2013
Access to Capital & Global Access Forums
These one-day forums provided an opportunity for small businesses in the Second District to learn about small business loans and other assistance available through government agencies, financial institutions and non-profits to help them grow their business. Each forum is customized to suit the business needs of the community, and in partnership with local experts. These forums ran from April through June of 2013 in East Harlem, Long Island, Buffalo, Brooklyn and Passaic.
Diego Aragon
Senior Regional & Community Outreach Policy Associate
212 720-2063

Tony Davis
Senior Regional & Community Outreach Analyst
212 720-6369

Shira Gans
Program and Relationship Director
212 720-1280

Michael Gedal
Director of Household Credit Analysis
212 720-7365

Kausar Hamdani
Senior Vice President and Community Affairs Officer
212 720-8258

Claire Kramer
Regional & Community Outreach Manager
212 720-5371

Rae Rosen
Vice President and Regional Economist
212 720-1935

Stephanie Rosoff
Regional & Community Outreach Associate
212 720-7493

Javier Silva
Regional & Community Outreach Analyst
212 720-2789

Adrian Franco
Economic Education Program Director
212 720-7499

Maria Carmelita Recto
Economic Education Analyst
212 720-7965