North Country

The North Country is a large, mostly rural region near the Canadian border that is sparsely populated and peppered with small towns and cities, such as Lake Placid and Plattsburgh. With more than 300,000 residents, the area encompasses a substantial swath of New York’s land area, and includes the Adirondack Park forest preserve. Like the rest of upstate New York, the North Country has seen little net population or job growth over the past few decades, in part because of steep declines in the region’s manufacturing sector. The area includes several higher education institutions, which serve as key employers in the region. Other important local job sectors include health care, retail, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, timber, and prisons.

Economic and Demographic Trends
North Country Watertown* Glens Falls* New York State USA
Population1 306,000 110,000 125,000 19,454,000 328,240,000
Pop growth, 10-year change1 -3.7% -4.5% -2.8% 0.8% 7.0%
GDP, billions1 $14 $7 $7 $1,772 $21,433
Job growth, 5-year change1 2.4% -1.9% -0.3% 7.4% 8.6%
Median household income1 $53,600 $52,000 $61,700 $71,600 $65,000
Median home price1 $120,000 $140,000 $175,000 $320,000 $230,000
Pop share age 25+ with BA+1 22.6% 22.4% 26.7% 37.8% 33.1%

1 2019

* Neighboring Metros

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis; IPUMS USA-University of Minnesota. Data retrieved through, Moody's, or directly from source.

Reports & Analysis
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