Historical Speeches
Selected speeches by former presidents of the New York Fed reflect on the history, philosophy and independence of the Fed.
Timothy F. Geithner (bio)
Served from 2003 to 2009

Reducing Systemic Risk in a Dynamic Financial System
William J. McDonough (bio)
Served from 1993 to 2003

An Independent Central Bank in a Democratic Country: The Federal Reserve ExperiencePDF
613 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan (bio)
Served from 1985 - 1993

Securing a More Balanced Global Economy PDF
442 kb
Anthony M. Solomon (bio)
Served from 1980 - 1984

Unresolved Issues in Monetary PolicyPDF
621 kb
Paul A. Volcker (bio)
Served from 1975 - 1979

The Contributions and Limitations of "Monetary" Analysis PDF
685 kb
Alfred Hayes (bio)
Served from 1956 - 1975

The International Monetary System -- Retrospect and Prospect PDF
591 kb

Allan Sproul (bio)
Served from 1941 - 1956

Reflections of a Central Banker PDF
829 kb

George L. Harrison (bio)
Served from 1928 - 1940

Some Essentials of Monetary StabilityPDF
641 kb

Benjamin Strong (bio)
Served from 1914 - 1928

The Formation of the Federal Reserve System PDF
278 kb
Federal Reserve Control of Credit PDF
989 kb

The excerpts from speeches by Benjamin Strong through E. Gerald Corrigan appeared in:
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Quarterly Review: 75th Anniversary Issue PDF
1989, 56 pages / 4 mb

The speech by William J. McDonough appeared in the Quarterly Review's Spring 1994 Issue.

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