Workforce Development

Promising Practices & Investments
Investing in America's Workforce
This year, the Federal Reserve System launched a new initiative, Investing in America’s Workforce: Improving Outcomes for Workers and Employers, which seeks to reframe workforce development from the provision of social services to an important investment in our national economy.
Regional Insights
To support this initiative, the New York Fed organized four listening sessions across the region to hear from constituents about workforce development issues. Our findings plus those from focus groups with leaders from around the county on what is needed to improve workforce outcomes and investments are included in this report.

Download the summaries below to see what we learned.
Below are resources referenced in the sessions.
Learn more: On the Job to Promote Workforce Development
Regional Policy Forums
To increase awareness of promising workforce practices and policies, the New York Fed collaborates with regional entities to organize policy forums. Each forum focuses on a theme relevant to workforce practitioners and of interest for that region.
Transforming U.S. Workforce Development Policies for the 21st Century
This book collaboration among the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Kansas City and the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University presents new visions for transformative education and workforce development policies and practices from 65 leading scholars and practitioners.
Developing & Fostering Partnerships
Community College Employer Engagement Survey
The New York Fed is conducting a survey of public community colleges in New York State to find ways to help them foster more effective partnerships with local employers. Findings are expected later this year and will help inform future research and discussion.
Leading the Way: A Workforce Development Video Campaign
The New York Fed co-sponsors a workforce video campaign with local P-Tech Schools in the Greater Rochester region. The campaign is designed to increase awareness about in-demand industries in the region while educating students and the general public about technical and professional skills required by key industries in their community.
Economist Jaison Abel's Presentation on Community College-Employer Partnerships: Helping to Fill the Skill Gaps
Beyond CRA: Meaningful Collaborations between Financial Institutions and Workforce Entities, New York, New York
To advance financial education programming, as required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WOIA), and to further workforce programming, the New York Fed hosted a conference on creating stronger and beneficial partnerships among financial institutions, government and community organizations.
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