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Members of the Research and Statistics Group publish in a wide range of economic and finance journals, conference volumes, and scholarly books.

This listing represents work published by Bank economists during their employment at the Bank. For a complete record of individual economists' publications, see their web pages.
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Macroeconomics and Growth

Olivier Armantier, Gizem Kosar, Daphné Skandalis, Giorgio Topa, and Wilbert van der Klaauw
“How Economic Crises Affect Inflation Beliefs: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” with Rachel Pomerantz and Kyle Smith. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 189 (September): 443-69.
Fatih Karahan
“Labor Market Policies during an Epidemic,” with Serdar Birinci, Yusuf Mercan, and Kurt See. Journal of Public Economics 194 (February): 10438.
David O. Lucca
“Rate-Amplifying Demand and the Excess Sensitivity of Long-Term Rates,” with Samuel G. Hanson and Jonathan H. Wright. Quarterly Journal of Economics 136, no. 3 (April): 1719-81.
Neil Mehrotra
“Financial Shocks, Firm Credit and The Great Recession,” with Dmitriy Sergeyev. Journal of Monetary Economics 117 (January): 296-315.


Linda S. Goldberg
“Macroprudential Policy in the Wake of the COVID-19 Crisis: International Spillovers and Coordination Issues,” with Claudia Buch and Matthieu Bussière. Banque de France Financial Stability Review 24 (March): 71-81.


Benjamin G. Hyman
“Wage Insurance and Labor Market Trajectories,” with Brian K. Kovak, Adam Leive, and Theodore Naff. American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings) 111 (May): 491-5.
Haoyang Liu
“Villains or Scapegoats? The Role of Subprime Borrowers in Driving the U.S. Housing Boom,” with James N. Conklin, W. Scott Frame, and Kristopher Gerardi. Journal of Financial Intermediation 51 (January): 100906.

Banking and Finance

Nina Boyarchenko and David O. Lucca
“Taking Orders and Taking Notes: Dealer Information Sharing in Treasury Auctions,” with Laura Veldkamp. Journal of Political Economy 129, no. 2 (February): 607-45.
Marco Cipriani and Gabriele La Spada
“Investors' Appetite for Money-Like Assets: The Money Market Fund Industry after the 2014 Regulatory Reform.” Journal of Financial Economics 140, no. 1 (April): 250-69.
Fernando Duarte and Thomas M. Eisenbach
“Fire-Sale Spillovers and Systemic Risk,” Journal of Finance 76, no. 3 (June): 1251-94.

Quantitative Methods

Marco Cipriani
“Leverage and Asset Prices: An Experiment,” with Ana Fostel and Daniel Houser. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 183 (March): 700-17.
Daniel Lewis
“The Size-Power Tradeoff in HAR Inference,” with Eben Lazarus and James H. Stock. Econometrica 89, no. 5 (September): 2497-516.
“High-Frequency Data and a Weekly Economic Index during the Pandemic,” with Karel Mertens, James H. Stock, and Mihir Trivedi. AEA (Papers and Proceedings) 111 (May): 326-30.
Haoyang Liu
“Errors in the Dependent Variable of Quantile Regression Models,” with Jerry Hausman, Ye Luo, and Christopher Palmer. Econometrica 89, no. 2 (March): 849-73.
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